There's Power in Knowing Your Numbers

Are you a numbers person?

I’ll admit it that I’m not. At all. That gets reinforced these days as my 6th grader comes home asking for help with her math homework, and I’m always grateful when her dad can step in.

This hilarious video from The Holderness Family depicts pretty much how I feel about math: ALGEBRA! "It's such a pain learning Algebra!" TOTO, Africa Parody

Now language arts…that’s another story. I’ll take grammar or spelling every day of the week.

However, I have become much more of a numbers person since I became an entrepreneur.

When I stop looking at my numbers, I lose touch with what’s happening in my business.

I’ve taken my eye off of the numbers before, and I can tell you this for certain…those were the least profitable days in my company’s growth. That applies to everything from tracking expenses and revenue to marketing metrics.

Tracking numbers from Google Analytics and social media insights keep me on top of how my online efforts are helping me grow. By watching my numbers I can tell whether or not my audience is engaged, where my traffic is coming from, and what is working best to convert customers … to name a few.

Many entrepreneurs, however, neglect to track their numbers, and that means they are missing out on knowing what’s working and what isn’t.

Some of the most important metrics to track are:

  • Engagement (how your audience is engaging with your online content)
  • Traffic (to social channels, website and/or through your doors)
  • Leads generated (number of leads and where they are coming from)
  • Conversions (conversion of leads into customers and where these conversions are happening)

This is a very basic list of metrics to collect, however it will give you a starting point. Each social network has its own insights available, so along with Google Analytics that’s where you should look.

If you need a tool that will enable you to record your most important metrics month over month, check out the All-In-One Analytics Tool. I developed it when I was looking for something that was low-cost and easy to use, and I couldn’t find anything already created. So I created it myself. 😊

As you begin exploring your numbers, I think you’ll enjoy them more and more because the better your numbers are, the more people you’re serving.

Enjoy the number fun,

- Frances

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